This project is meant to be used with the #100DaysOfCode challenge. The challenge is pretty simple, spend at least 1 hour doing something related with code. It doesn’t matter what, reading about code, writing code, helping in an open source project, raising issues, fixing issues, doing exercises, studying, whatever you can think of.

My personal experience

I participated in the challenge twice in 2018 - the first time I completed the 100 days, but my streaks were broken from time to time due to work. The second time I failed the challenge after a few weeks.

One thing I have noticed, was that using the file felt a bit awkward, sometimes I didn’t know what to write, other times I needed to put a lot of things that didn’t exactly fit in either the thoughts or progress topics as shown in the basic log.

So slowly, in my head, the idea of creating a sort of a hub for the challenge, where you could have different categories and pages and with a quick glance you could see your progress on the challenge.

Newbie friendly

Let’s be honest, choosing where to focus when you are just starting is bad enough. Now add the huge choice of tech for creating a site and things get even more difficult. That’s why I created this project in Jekyll.

Jekyll it’s pretty easy to get into. The liquid syntax provides enough power for you to change a single page. You can quickly change this project into something different that would fit your needs.

But, if you don’t want to spend time designing your personal site and just want to crack on and dedicate your time to the challenge, then you can just use the default theme and that’s it.

With 100DaysOf you will have:

Also, if you ever want to part from Jekyll and go with a different technology, all your posts will be tidied in the _posts folder and you can just export them to the other technology.

Let’s build it together

I’ve worked hard this last week to try and build something that could actually be used. But there is a lot of things that need polishing and even more things I would like to add to the project.

This means that your feedback is really important!

You can send me your comments, ideas, opinions and request by any of these ways:

Next steps

Read the getting started blog post.